Meet Our Patient Care Volunteers

Vol PicOur Patient care volunteers make a trans-formative difference in the care we provide.      We are grateful for their presence, their commitment and their generosity. Our volunteers provide companionship and a calming presence to the patient and their family. They may also offer short periods of respite to the caregiver to allow them to run an errand or keep an appointment.

To learn more please call us at 508.693.0189 or click here.


Elaine Eugster, Chris Decker, Barbara Silk, Barbara Phillips, Deborah Hilton Morelli, Barbara du Bois, Judy Salosky, Caroline Evans, Sophia Lew, Mike Adell, Stephanie Burke, Mary Gentle, Sue Clements, Mary Beth Daniels, Joanie Ames, Jane Drew, Marilyn Wortman, Lynne Whiting, Karen Dowd, Stephen Eng, Eleanor Schaefer, Enid McEvoy, Jean Lewellyn, Pam Flam, Nelson Smith, Marie Doebler, Janet Bank, and many more…