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Our website is designed to offer you resources for guidance and education, to help patients, families and loved ones learn more about options available in the wake of a life-limiting illness. Call Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard when you or someone you know needs help. 508-693-0189.

Hospice Nurse Betsy Marshall and Hospice Family Grace and Vince Frye

Hospice Nurse, Betsy Marshall and Hospice Family, Grace and Vincent Frye

“I can’t say enough and find it difficult to accurately describe what Hospice meant to Mom and me. It seemed surreal that strangers would give of themselves so unselfishly and with such compassion. But they did. God bless them all.”
—Vincent Frye

Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard accepts referrals from the patient, family members, friends, doctors, discharge planners, hospitals and other provider agencies, primary caregivers, home health aids, social workers, clergy and spiritual counselors.
Call (508) 693-0189 for more information or to arrange for a consultation with HMV within 24 hours of your call. Our team coordinates with each patient, family, and physician to determine the most appropriate plan of care.

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